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Haunted Hotel The X

Your sister, Samantha, has always been tenacious, but she might have just gotten herself in over her head! She’s gone missing while investigating the Lexington Hotel, where a brutal crime happened decades ago. When you arrive to find her, you quickly realize that the spirits of the past are still restless… and angry. To find your sister and escape with your own life, you’ll need to uncover the truth about what happened there all those years ago. Are you brave enough to face what’s hiding in the darkened halls of the Lexington Hotel? Find out in this spine-chilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Rating: 88%

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Our Game Review: The X Comes Closest to Being A Truly Frightening Escape Game Compared to Others in the Series

Haunted Hotel: The X comes closest to being truly frightening or scary when compared to the other games in the series. While all of them have the haunted by ghosts theme, The X manages to take a deeply serious approach further improved by the impressive delivery that makes smart use of limited animation techniques on picturesque images. The result is a game that manages to unfold in a spectacularly cinematic fashion with only the most minimum of visual effects. The gameplay is not too shabby either in typical Haunted Hotel fashion, this escape game's delivery and narrative are interwoven with interesting and (sometimes) clever puzzles.

This is One Creepy Hotel

The Lexington is literally screaming haunted. Putting aside the fact that this is a Haunted Hotel game, the visuals have a pretty high chilling factor. There is something that is paranoia-inducing about the way the hotel looks so hopelessly in disrepair and yet you just know that it is anything but abandoned at least, not by supernatural tenants. The only thing that does take away from the feeling is the excessive use of blue-tone color wash for most of the palette treatments. While the look does work for many scenes, seeing it on pretty much every key image in the game is jarring.

Jump scares are inevitably present, and that is the cheapest kind of scare you will find the game. Most of the time, getting scared is done thanks to the really nerve-flaying music and how each corridor appears that it would consume your soul if venture any further.

Missing Sister and Horrific Murders

The game revolves around two basic plot points. The first is the missing sister, this serves as the player's lead in to the game. You end up right at the hotel entrance as you look for her. After finding her car parked outside the main door (and then unlocking the car to grab important clues), you start investigating the hotel and everything in it opening up a whole other mystery: what really happened in the Lexington?

The player pursues both their sister and the Lexington tragedy at the same time when one trail runs cold, the other will reveal clues. It is a very organic and forward moving way to deliver a narrative and it works pretty well with the game. Of course, being a haunted escape game, expect to get a lot of creepy stuff along the way (as well as the occasional jump scare). While it feels a little expected or even cheap at some points, for the most part, the game is able to combine mystery and horror in a way that players will enjoy.

Kind of Steampunk-y

The whole game is supposed set in the 1970's which is complemented by the retro style outfits for the main protagonist and the sister. The old, unmodified right hand drive Volkswagen (owned by the sister) is a major icon of the era. But a lot of the other things that pop up in the game feel like they belong in a completely different timeline.

Take the sister's spare video camera at that point in time, flip out screens were pretty much non-existent, but the actual design philosophy has long transgressed the super curved-out finishes and was heading towards the more boxy VHS and Betamax era. And yet there it is, a unique camera that not only lets you see the supernatural (think of it like the camera obscura in Fatal Frame), but also features an uncommon technology with super retro fittings (the buttons and dials are just so Victorian in design). Much of the puzzles in the game that involve machinery are also done in the same visual style, they look like steampunk-styled tech.

Amazing Visuals

Elephant Games does amazing artwork once again. Whether you are looking for objects, browsing through the map, watching a semi-animated cutscene, or just trying to find the exit, the game feels impressive. There are plenty of small details in the backgrounds, torn pieces of wall, trinkets and doodads of the hotel, light bouncing off objects from different light sources. It goes to show why Big Fish has so many of their games: because they know how to make an enjoyable and eye catching escape game with HOG elements.

They did sacrifice the challenge of having too much clutter for the same of visual appeal, and this has resulted in the hidden object challenges becoming a little easier than other games, but it still feels fun and fulfilling. At no point does the game ever feel like it is handholding a player, and that matters a lot.

Kind of Mature Theme

The grisly murders that plague the history of the Lexington are put front and center in this game, so do expect a lot of references to the violence that happened. Nothing gory happens, which keeps the game classy and tasteful, but it certainly drives the notion that this game was not made for children. The narrative itself is heavy, and once you get to the later part of the game, if certainly feels as if much of the storyline refuses to be simplified for general audiences. This is a game for people who want to explore a haunted hotel complete with its given tragic past and all the ghosts that have remained, if you wanted something a little more wholesome and bright, then going for a Haunted Hotel title is not a good idea. But if getting a good fright with some serious backstory is your kind of thing, then this is certainly a great hidden object game for you to play.

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