Haunted Hotel Eternity CE Game

Haunted Hotel Eternity CE

From Elephant Games, the studio that brought you Grim Talesand Surface, cordially invites you to check in to the newest Haunted Hotel!

It was supposed to be an easy assignment: protect a famous philanthropist and earn $100,000. What could be easier? No one would want to hurt a bumbling professor. Apparently, someone does. They want him dead, and they're willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. Trapped inside an abandoned hotel filled with deadly puzzles, can you survive and save the professor? Or will the Eternity Hotel become your final resting place? Outwit the masked mastermind running this hotel and uncover the dark secrets the professor has been hiding from the world. Who will you side with? Find out in this heart-pounding thriller!

  • Art Gallery and Full Soundtrack
  • Collectible masks and a secret room!
  • Achievements and Puzzle Collection
  • Bonus chapter with the secrets of the Eternity Project!

Rating: 84%

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Our Game Review: Haunted Hotel Eternity Promises to Keep Players on the Edge of their Seats

Haunted Hotel: Eternity promises to keep players on the edge of their seats as they brave one challenge of the mysterious masked man after another. It feels genuinely creepy having this weird masked guy stalk you through television screens all over the place while you try to solve grisly puzzles in order to find a way out (not to mention that he has a very Saw-like vibe going on too). While the challenges have no actual time limit (despite the narrative implying that there is), this provides Eternity with a unique mood not commonly found in other horror escape games. Despite the Haunted label on the game, this is a lot less about supernatural fear and more on action and suspense instead.

Be Constantly on Your Toes

Keep moving. This has to be the basic mantra of the game. The opening scene alone will have you maneuvering your way out of a sniper's line of sight while also keeping your client safe. But let's rewind just a couple of steps back.

In Haunted Hotel: Eternity, players take on the role of a detective who has been hired on private protection duty for super-rich guy, Kevin Richards. You learn that he has made a ton of money on medical products that are focused on making human lives better. On the surface, Kevin seems like a pretty swell guy thanks to his various products. But he also worked on a mysterious project called Eternity and he outright says that it is not a fun topic to talk about and would rather keep it under wraps. Obviously, this is the very same thing that gets him in a huge amount of trouble.

During a public speech, Kevin is attacked by a sniper and you try to get him out safely. Once in his car, you are joined by his other security manager, an obviously shady guy named Tobias. At this point, Tobias announces that he is taking everyone (including you) to a secret safehouse that only he knows about. And he does so with pretty much the same tone of voice that a witch would use to announce that they're going to fatten you up and have you for dinner. Still, you client trusts Tobias and that's that.

Welcome to Hotel Eternity

Despite the ominous conversation about Project Eternity inside the car, Richards finds nothing weird or even remotely suspicious that the safehouse is an old hotel named Eternity. Not surprisingly, Tobias is suddenly nowhere to be found and poor old Kevin Richards is captured while you breathe in a nice solid chunk of sleeping gas. While the game has had several interesting interactions all leading up to this point, the game only truly starts when you finally wake up from the gas attack.

Most of the Hotel is littered with strategically placed cameras from which an unidentified masked man is talking to you (think of the very first Batman: Arkham Asylum game, where Joker constantly keeps appearing on screens, it is pretty much the same thing). And for the most part you have three main objectives and you cannot afford to fail at even a single one.

First off, you need to rescue Kevin Richards. The whole start of the game was about this guy hiring you to do a job, might as well earn your keep right? The second priority is to get to the bottom of what Project Eternity really is. There's a lot of top secret, morally questionable experiment' kind of vibe that is going on. Now, for those of you wondering why a hotel would yield answers to that second point, logically, it shouldn't. But of course, the fact that both are named Eternity is certainly no coincidence all it takes is a very little bit of exploring and you will discover that the facility you are in is just as much a hotel as it is a secret laboratory. Lastly, your third objective would be to take your client out of the hotel safely.

The Sense of Danger

One of the things we love about this game is how the masked man is trying to constantly harass the player. It feels unnerving at times, but it also adds life to the game. Instead of the pacing being completely determined by your own progress with the puzzles (in actuality, it is), there is an emotional sensation that things are far more urgent than they really are. Players feel compelled to keep moving forward and this create an imaginary time limit for getting things done.

That is the game's strongest and most exciting part it is able to make the audiences go along with the flow of the narrative. Having an additional self-imposed restriction is not a bad thing, if anything, it goes to show that one is enjoying the game so much that they get caught up in the mood of it. It also helps the gameplay too. Eternity is a deceptively easy game, most of the challenge comes from the way that the game is constantly trying to distract you into making rushed decisions. But in reality, the puzzles themselves are quite easy to solve. Most of the items you pick up have a very definite and obvious purpose, it does not take long to figure out what it is.

We highly recommend this game for long time escape game fans looking for a great change of pace from the typical straightforward approach of other titles in the genre. It also makes for a good entry level title for players who normally do not play escape games for the high saturation of puzzles per area. Murder-mystery fans will also enjoy the whole detective-in-an-abandoned-hotel scenario, though those of you seeking more supernatural thrills will find that it comes sparingly in this game.

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