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Time to Turn the Tables in: Haunt the House

Haunt the House Game

The typical ghost game places you in controls of the weary traveler, random stranger, curious investigator, hard-headed teen, or some other living, breathing, protagonist. You go inside a house that is obviously not yours, tinker around with items, pick up stuff, combine objects, and use them to fish out all the hidden items or pry out every single secret that a house has to offer. No wonder the ghosts are so darned pissed, the typical ghost video game is all about trespassing, looting, and if applicable, paranormal harassment of spirits who have patiently spent the last few decades silently wasting away indoors. Haunt the House lets you turn the tables on that.

In haunt the house, it is your turn to become the ghost. After the house has been invaded by a ton of unwanted guests, it is up to you, the ghost to drive them away. And you must do it the only way a ghost can: by scaring the living daylights out of every single person inside the house.

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Poltergeist Party

In real life, ghosts have been depicted to behave in various ways: appearing as apparitions, through disembodied voices, as glowing floating orbs in photographs, by making the air chilly around you, and of course, moving objects. Haunt the House’s lead ghost is a poltergeist –simply because the ghost cannot perform any other task than to possess objects in the house. But with all the items you can find, that is going to be more than enough to drive out the people who are bothering you.

The object of the game is to move around the house and possessing the various objects within. Once you possess an object, you will be able to perform several scary feats (depending on your scare meter). If people witness objects behaving strangely and dangerously), it will make them think twice about coming inside the mansion; if you scare them enough, they will leave the premises –either by running out the front door or by panicking and jumping out of the window.

It pays to remember that when a person jumps out of the window, they pretty much committed suicide and will be counted as dead. While this may not seem like a big deal (since you are already a ghost), completionists will consider this a factor to one of the game’s challenges.

The Basics of Being Ghostly

As a ghost, you are invisible to the human eye and are able to move around unhindered by walls or gravity. You float freely, moving the specific direction that you want to go. This allows you to keep an eye on the whole house in order to formulate a plan on scaring the people within.

Starting up scares is a matter of pressing spacebar on an object. Every room, hallway, and passage in the house is populated by at least one or two objects that you can use. When people enter the room, you can use these objects to scare them. The amount of actions you can perform on an object is simple at first –such as lightly moving a table, making a chandelier shake, or making a picture frame rotate.

As the people in the house witness your actions, they start getting scared and your meter will start rising. Eventually, this will enable you to unlock the second and third tier actions available for each object. Naturally, the higher the action tier you unlock, the scarier the actions will be.

Funtime Frights

The graphics for Haunt the House are bright and cheerful –which really puts you in the mood to ghost prank unsuspecting people. Everything in the game, from the house details, to the individual characters, and even the ghost you play, looks like they were designed to be used with children’s books. In case you are a parent looking up this game for your kid, worry not –the visuals are child-friendly and safe. No need to worry about anything so spooky that it will keep the little ones up at night. Even adults will enjoy the lighthearted approach. After all, this is a game about scaring the NPCs, not your own self. And the game’s visual style matches this point very well.

The animations of Haunt the House are very smooth and fluid. Whether the characters are walking around, talking with each other, or running in panic, you will be able to determine exactly what they are feeling at the moment. From the facial expressions to the body languages, the developers really delivered a complete visual experience in the game. Your own actions are quite fun to observe as well. Whether you possess a bed, a couch, plates, a stove, or even a car, each of the “scare” actions you can execute is unique to the item –allowing you to provide a different scary experience for your targets depending on which room they are in.

The Strategy for Keeping People Tense

While running around the house and checking out how many weird things a ghost can do with a painting sounds fun, the point of the game is to drive the people out. You can do this by scaring them so much that they are willing to die, or you can try to get them out through the front door –either way, the goal is to ensure that you are left alone.

If you simply want to clear the game once, then the strategy is straightforward: target one guest, keep harassing him or her regardless of what room they are in, and do not stop until they leave. Ideally, you should study the layout of the house –check the direction of the windows and the exit doors. This will allow you to scare the guest into a certain direction. As long as you keep it up, the guest will eventually leave the house frightened and never to return.

If you are a completionist, it may be important for you to know that the game has an achievement for being able to drive out all the guests without having a single casualty. This means that you scare the guests, but not so much that they would jump out the window. In order to do this, you can employ the same tactic as the one above –by targeting single individuals, one at a time. The difference is that you must not over-harass the person. The goal is to keep scaring the person in the direction of the main door –you have to control the fright actions you execute. If you feel that the person is already panicking, try to switch to a less scary action. The hard part of doing this challenge is that you have to do it for all the guests –and that means learning how to split them apart from each other. In a bunch of frightened guests, it is likely that you might over-frighten some of them into jumping out of the window.


If you came to check this game out hoping to get scared, then you should go elsewhere. Haunt the House is more about having fun than making your hair stand on end. That being said, there is a lot more challenge and fun to be had in this game than anything you would get from those simple, puzzle-based, point and click ghost games. There are plenty of interactive objects all over the house that players can play and experiment with; and watching the reactions of the various house guests is fun in itself.

For a title that was likely based on a very simple idea, Haunt the House delivers an in-depth gaming experience that is certain to happily surprise even the most hardcore of gamers. With its responsive and easy to use controls, amazing graphics, fun gameplay system, and a challenge level that manages to be enjoyable at all points in the game, it comes as to no surprise that we would give Haunt the House top-ranks. We give this game a floating dinner table’s 90/100.

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