Haunt the HouseHaunt the House Game

Haunt the House delivers an in-depth gaming experience that is certain to happily surprise even the most hardcore of gamers. With its responsive and easy to use controls, amazing graphics, fun gameplay system, and a challenge level that manages to be enjoyable at all points in the game, it comes as to no surprise that we would give Haunt the House top-ranks.

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Haunted Hotel: The XHaunted Hotel: The X

In the hidden object title Haunted Hotel: The X from Elephant Games, your sister has gone missing. You've always known that Samantha has a tendency to be stubborn and this gets her into all sorts of trouble. This time, she has obviously taken on more than she can handle. Following what legends you can find leads you to the old Lexington Hotel, a terrifying place where no one can hear your screams. If you're to have any hope of seeing her again, you must brave an adventure filled with vengeful ghosts, discover the truth behind the brutal butchering which took place years ago and, most important of all, survive.

Haunted Hotel: The X features a wealth of hidden collectibles, morphing objects and achievements for those who are completionists at heart. If you wish to put your wits to the test then take the Secret Room challenge and try to beat your fastest run. Are you fond of a particular mini game? Replay them, along with the hidden object puzzles themselves. Now, if you're after a more relaxed exploration of the haunted hotel (as if that's even really possible) you can opt to customize the game's difficulty level. Think you're ready for some delicious jump scares? Face your fears and solve the crimes of the past in Haunted Hotel: The X.

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Haunted Hotel: Eternity Collector's EditionHaunted Hotel: Eternity Collector's Edition

In Elephant Games' hidden object game Haunted Hotel: Eternity, you are hired to act as a bodyguard for a bumbling professor. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, things take a turn for the complicated when a psychotic masked figure enters the picture. Your employer, Kevin Reynolds, was attacked and captured. To rescue him, you must head to Eternity Hotel, an eerie hotel-turned-laboratory.

Uncover the secrets surrounding the Eternity project. Learn of the fate of Tobias, the professor's security officer, outwit the madman that lurks in the dark and find your way out. Haunted Hotel: Eternity not only features several thousand hidden objects, there are also a ton of puzzles and mini games for you to solve. What's more, if you purchase the Collector's Edition set, you get access to exclusive collectibles and achievements. So, do you think you can survive this sinister, haunted hotel?

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Redemption Cemetery: Island of the LostRedemption Cemetery: Island of the Lost

Redemption Cemetery: Island of the Lost is the sixth installment of a long-running hidden object puzzle series by ERS Game Studios. In this game, the plane you are on crash lands on an island filled with the souls of the lost. As it was in the previous Redemption Cemetery titles, your goal is to help these ghosts move on by passing through a number of portals and righting the wrongs in the past. That is, if you can find their deepest desires.

Are you to be trapped on the island for all eternity or will you manage to defeat the evil entity trapping its poor inhabitants? Solve Redemption Cemetery: Island of the Lost's hidden object puzzles and find out for yourself if you're a survivor or just another hapless victim.

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Haunted Hotel: Death Sentence Collector's EditionHaunted Hotel: Death Sentence Collector's Edition

Haunted Hotel: Death Sentence is yet another exciting hidden object game from Elephant Games. The seventh title in the series, Death Sentence brings you to the Holy Mountain Hotel, a place where no crime goes unpunished. You and your close friend James have worked on all sorts of supernatural cases together. This time around, however, it seems he has gone on one alone and has met his demise. You learn of this from a peculiar letter stating that he has died and that you will find your answers in the Holy Mountain Hotel.

With haste, you head to the dark place and find that there is hope that your friend is still alive. Dig deep in order to find the murderer who has put your friend in his sights. Seek the truth that hides within the ominous halls of the abandoned hotel. Find over a thousand hidden objects, solve various puzzles and play some mini games. The Collector's Edition allows you to gain access to bonuses such as concept art and wallpapers. It also adds a bonus epilogue that lets you experience an alternate ending.

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Tale of Terror: House on the HillTale of Terror: House on the Hill

In Deep Shadows' Tale of Terror: House on the Hill, you have signed up to participate in a ghost tour held in a foreboding, old estate in the hopes of bonding with your sister who is fascinated with the paranormal. Unfortunately, the brochure has failed to mention the very real danger that awaits those who get trapped within its walls.

With the doors locked, the walls begin to shift and the corridors now seem to go on forever. What's worse, you get separated from your beloved sister. Navigate the supernatural maze and avoid deadly traps in order to find her. Gather your courage in order to outwit the ghastly entities that walk the halls in order to find a way out of the house on the hill.

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Twisted Lands: InsomniacTwisted Lands: Insomniac

Revisit the Shadow world that was originally introduced in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town. In the first game, players took on the role of Mark who was trying to rescue his girlfriend, Angel from the Shadow land. In Insomniac, we get to see the story from Angel's perspective as she tries to survive the combined danger of two realities. In one world, she awakens inside a laboratory with a crazy doctor that wants to lobotomize her. The other is the Shadow land where Mark is. There are plenty of in-game references to the previous game which fans will surely love. But even better is the fact that Insomniac has a lot of gameplay and narrative improvements as well.

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Haunted Manor: Lord of MirrorsHaunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors

Stan Riddle takes on a bet and a dare to traverse an abandoned (and obviously haunted) house. In his exploration, he comes across a mirror that manages to trap him inside a completely different dimension. Now players have to guide Stan as he deals with the perils and puzzles of the mirror world while also interacting with others who have been trapped like him. HOG fans will enjoy the straightforward and simplistic approach to gameplay that is accented by very well detailed image puzzles. Haunted Manor also features a lot of very interesting puzzles to keep the game from being too repetitive. Story wise, there is nothing particularly special about Lord of Mirror's premise, though the main protagonist Stan makes for a very interesting character.

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